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Our passion for creativity and yoga brought us together on one of our favourite tropical islands.
What we love most about being creative is getting into a state of flow where we can be fully present and forget about time and space.
We believe that everyone is creative we just forgot how to access this energy that can impact our lives in so many ways.

Instead of focusing on the outcome the beauty of creation lays in trusting the process.
Getting into a state of being rather than achieving has become our daily reminder.
Every single item is hand made with lots of love, positivity and good intentions.

We love to reconnect ourselves and others and spark up that hidden creative fire we all carry within us.

We enjoy working with many different materials, but especially fell in love with Gemstones, Dreamcatchers and Feathers.

If you want to know more about us, see upcoming workshops or retreats, check out our individual pages below.

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